How to be pleasant to the young man

How to be pleasant to the young man

If you like the young man, you should not sit in place, patiently waiting when he looks in your party. Try to accelerate succession of events and to pay its attention to itself.

Will become brighten

Smile. Not important, what type of girls is pleasant to the young man: cheerful party-goers, mysterious and mysterious young ladies or sporty persons. The wide and solar, soft and mysterious or shy and timid smile will make you more beautiful and will give a hint to the guy on the fact that it is not indifferent for you.

Attentive interlocutor

Be interested in life of the young man. Ask him on favourite movies, music to which he listens, and the read books. Specify whether his favourite parrot and with what account the match which he so sought to see terminated recovered. It is pleasant to people to realize that their everyday life is interesting to others.

Try to be the interesting interlocutor. Will be great if you with the young man have general hobbies – then subjects for a conversation will never end. But even if you are fond of absolutely different things, nothing prevents you to tell about the and to try to like what is interesting to the guy. Ask it to be your conductor to the world of video games or quantum physics, listen carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions. It will broaden both your horizons, and opportunities to creation of dialogue.

Meet on clothes

Take care of the appearance. Though different young people are attracted by various types of girls, there will hardly be a guy who will be against tidy clothes, an accurate make-up and beautifully styled hair. If tastes of your beloved are known to you, you can put on according to them: a brilliant top and the made narrower jeans or a long romantic skirt and a straw hat. In case preferences of the guy remain for you a secret, choose neutral clothes which will favourably emphasize your figure, but at the same time will not look excessively vulgarly.


Take care of the young man who is pleasant to you. At the same time be not excessively persuasive, you are not his girl yet. During a lunch break treat it with own hand made pies. Remind it to take an umbrella as you watched a weather forecast and you know that promised a rain. Advise a reliable tool from a sore throat if the guy complains that he caught a cold.

You do not rake over the past

Do not try to become the exact copy its former. For some reason he left it. It will be annoying if the young man considers that you are too similar to its ex-, and will decide not to meet you, being afraid that the novel will end as well as last time. Besides, you for certain do not want to play all life others role.

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