How to be protected from power vampires at work?

How to be protected from power vampires at work?

The power vampire is the person eating others energy. In usual life the communication with such people can be minimized or limited, but what to do if it is the fellow worker and it is necessary to deal with it every day? It will be told about how to be protected from power vampires at work in this article.

How to struggle with power vampires at work?

First of all it is necessary to define to what type this object belongs. Distinguish three types of vampires:

  • egoists and the narcissuses in love with and adoring a praise;
  • constantly aching martyrs and sufferers who are engaged in search of vest for tears;
  • the conflict persons eating negative energy of a quarrel.

Protection against power vampirism at work provides lack of positive responses of approval in the first case. If the colleague is not appeased and continues to brag of the merits, it is possible to put directly him into place, having told that he did not make anything special. Wishing to know how to resist to power vampires at work who ache all the time that were tired that the chief loads them excessively and ask to help with the report, it is necessary to be able to speak resolute no and something type: It does not belong to my duties and at me put fully.

In the latter case it is not necessary aggressively to shout something in reply and to impulsively prove the case, the vampire only also tries to obtain it. It is impossible to react to its provocations, it is better to accept the closed pose at which hands and legs are crossed and to begin to consider ears of the opponent, his eyebrow, hair and other, trying to find in them ridiculous lines. Those who is interested as it is possible to be saved from the power vampire at work can give advice not to sit with it opposite to each other, and shoulder to shoulder. Or to arrange tables at office so that thoraxes of both colleagues were directed in different directions.

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