How to be seductive and beautiful

How to be seductive and beautiful

It is simple to be bright and effective on a celebration. A couple of hours in salon, a new dress, jewelry and high heels – the image of the femme fatale is ready. And here to look beautiful and sexual in a house situation, it is necessary to try. But the works spent for finding of seductive appearance will pay off. Admiration and love of own husband will become your prize.


1. Guarantee of beauty – faultless purity. Regularly take a shower and a bath, after a meal you brush teeth, use a deodorant and more often change linen. Do not neglect similar trifles.

2. Pick up new toilet water. According to researches of the American perfumers, men prefer smells of vanilla, pumpkin pie and fresh cucumbers. Buy perfume with fresh or sweet aroma. Avoid spirits in style a unisex and heavy east compositions.

3. Consider opinion of the spouse (boyfriend) on your make-up. Most of men are quite conservative. They do not like lilac lip gloss, dark brown lipstick or bright blue nails. However you should not hit also in other extreme. If your husband (friend) claims that he does not love the made-up persons, it is not obligatory to throw out a make-up bag at all. Buy the foundation merging with a shade of your skin and giving it ideally well-groomed look, gentle-pink blush and damp lip gloss of natural shades.

4. Be engaged in a hairstyle. Make a good hairstyle which will allow you to look beautiful both in the morning, and in the evening. You should not carry out in the afternoon to hair curlers to please fellow workers with a beautiful hairstyle. The most pleasant option for the husband – the scattered fresh-washed hair which and there is a wish to touch.

5. Throw out old home clothing – the print dressing gowns of old-womanish coloring extended knitted shorts or jeans with the broken lightning. Buy a sexual and modest dress. In house conditions knitwear is especially comfortable. Ladies with forms will suit a beautiful dress with a smell and the concerning narrow cut, to slender girls – knitted tight trousers, flared from below, and a suitable top.

6. Touch boxes with linen. Get rid of the stretched t-shirts, shabby bras and tights with shooters. Choose new beautiful sets. If to you it is inconvenient in narrow corsets and stockings, you do not carry them. With taste the picked-up slips and a sconce from fine cotton will look not worse.

7. For finding of a tone do gymnastics. Only 15 minutes of daily exercises will make you more flexible and mobile, so, more seductive. Include in a daily ritual an evening heat bath with foam – it will help to relax and be prepared by the night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team