How to be when the husband the tyrant

How to be when the husband the tyrant

Your husband is dissatisfied with everything eternally and forces you to do what you do not want at all? You are not reconciled with it. There is not one opportunity to fight back even to the most inveterate despot and to break a situation in own favor.


1. Answer all claims of the husband surely and quietly. If he begins to speak with you with voices raised, do not keep silent. However try not to point out during communication with the spouse to it his defects. It is possible that he, showing aggression against you, wants to raise at the expense of others the self-assessment and will remember in reply all your misses. Do not give him such pleasure and do not inflame it even more. Try to transfer a conversation to a neutral subject.

2. Think what the discontent of the husband actually can be connected with. Perhaps, it has troubles at work, problems with health, disagreements with the best friend and so forth. But do not ask it about it at once not to cause new outburst of indignation. He can regard your participation too as desire to humiliate and wound. Choose a moment, favorable for a conversation, and try to find out what disturbs him. If it breaks on shout again or threatens, you should solve whether there are all your experiences of continuation of the relations with this person.

3. Do not try to please it in everything. If it has really too underestimated self-assessment, but not quite explainable reaction to temporary difficulties, he can get used to your non-failure operation pretty fast. And from here nearby and before manifestations of real despotism when any disobedience is cruelly stopped.

4. If it seems to you that you already are with the spouse in the relations "slave slaveholder", do not exculpate with yourself a part for current situation. Think what your actions could cause such succession of events. Do not justify everything with "blind love" for the tyrant. Both partners have to be oneself in the relations between the man and the woman the right. And if you still do not imagine life without spouse, you should make efforts to overcome this dependence.

5. Be engaged in what at you always well turned out. Perhaps, you not bad danced earlier, drew, sewed. Renew the relations with former friends and girlfriends, get new. If the spouse begins to object actively to your hobbies and meetings, think who is actually necessary to him: the uncomplaining servant or the self-sufficient woman who really likes to live. You can respect and love the husband, despite all difficulties of communication with it. But also it, in turn, has to understand you.

6. If you depend on the husband in the material plan, and he, in case of a divorce, threatens to leave you out-of-pocket and roofs over the head, think whom he considers you, time affords such statements. Solve whether there is a status of the married woman of such victims. If, on the contrary, he lives at your expense, stop "to feel sorry" for the husband. Help to find to it good work or to get an education. In case of its refusal you should be defined: whether you will carry out further all whims of the idler or after all will show him the door.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team