How to be when you have several guys

How to be when you have several guys

Not only guys can meet several girlfriends at the same time, some girls do not lag behind them. Bring two or three boyfriends at once to receive more attention, caress and gifts.


1. Write down them in the telephone book on names. Tender nicknames can draw attention of other gentleman and there will be suspicions.

2. In a real talk it is better to give them identical lovely nicknames accidentally not to mix and to call someone by others name.

3. You do not store memorable messages in phone. Cards, gifts, flowers and other romantic gifts need to be hidden from eyes of other guy.

4. Carefully plan appointments. Time and the meeting place has to be thought over so that not to be crossed accidentally with other guy, his friends or acquaintances. It is desirable to choose the remote areas, but not to walk on the center.

5. Think up reliable occupation with which you will justify the absence. The same excuses about the help to the family and girlfriends will help few times, but after a while the young man can have suspicions. It is better to think up long-term and realistic justification – fitness club, occupations dances, Japanese courses.

6. Choose young people from different spheres of life. It is impossible to create the affair with two colleagues at once because rumors at work will quickly disperse and a secret will be opened.

7. Learn to lie authentically or in advance think over answers to possible questions. Kind of well you masked, someone from your elects can have suspicions, and he will begin to ask you. It is desirable to get support of acquaintances who will be able to confirm any your words.

8. Establish rules, convenient for you. At once let know that unexpected visits not for you, and it is desirable to call and agree about a meeting previously. You celebrate all main holidays in the bosom of the family and friends. And if decide to meet them with one of elects, similar "exception" will be very pleasant to him.

9. Make a choice. Eventually any games come to an end therefore it is desirable to put end independently. Compare young people, having estimated all pluses and minuses, and solve which of them better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team