How to be wise in the relations

How to be wise in the relations

Most of women wish to keep the relations for many years. But sometimes disputes, quarrels, mutual reproaches do joint life intolerable. And only the female wisdom will help to avoid ""acute angles"" and to carry by love through all troubles and adversities.


1. Try to restrain when there is a wish to make row. Women are very emotional beings. Often they splash out a hurricane of emotions on darling, and then sincerely are sorry about it. If your purpose is to keep the relations, then as often as possible appeal to a reason voice. Think that hysterics will frighten off the man. You remember, the woman - the keeper of the center. She has to be clever, judicious, able to close eyes to insignificant trifles.

2. Do not miss an opportunity to praise the soulmate. For some reason often occurs so that bad affairs are noticed and commented, and good remain unaddressed. Constant grumble and discontent - not the best satellites of joint life. Be under construction to notice that useful that is done by your darling. And optional he has to make something heroic, daily trifles - too work. For example, walk with a dog, washing of ware, a visit of shop behind bread, preparation of a dinner, the help when cleaning, etc. Find for it a kind word if he it deserved. So he will understand that you are capable to appreciate it.

3. Allocate to the man a little time for its weaknesses. The rare man has no hobbies: hunting, fishing, infinite car repairs, collecting of brands or other things. If you at least express occasionally good on similar pastime, then definitely summon respect. Ability to make concessions - the privilege of the wise people capable to live not only the interests. Besides, it will be possible to ask to make advances in any question, reasoning with the fact that you always understand it.

4. Take care of darling. The woman able to prepare, to create a cosiness in the house to think of wellbeing of the family, usually causes desire to remain with her for a long time. And the aspiration to start a strong, close-knit family where relatives always feel warmly each other - it is a right way to wisdom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team