How to be with the guy after treason

How to be with the guy after treason

For each normal girl who is sincerely loving the guy to learn about his treason – a huge shock and misfortune. Reaction fallen in love on this sad news depends on many reasons: character, habits, temperament, education, depth of feelings to "the artful apostate". Anyway, it is very unpleasant and sick! It is heavy to present how he embraces another as he whispers it on an ear the same tender words which made you tremble.


1. After you learned about treason of darling, try to calm down and weigh everything. Do not begin to sort out the relations at once, oversleep with these thoughts better. Having told in a temper many mucks, you do not solve a problem but only you aggravate.

2. Having woken up, think what pushed your beloved to so unpleasant step. Maybe you became cold, insensible and stale in relation to it recently, and the man needed caress, tenderness, here he also went to seek it elsewhere.

3. If you decided to delete once and for all it from the life, you should not arrange scandals and hysterics finally. Just quietly leave, having wished it good luck and success in further life.

4. If you are ready to forgive him, it is necessary to talk seriously, but it does not mean that it is necessary to solve a problem with voices raised, sit down and quietly find out in what there was a reason with what he wants to see your further relations.

5. Explain to him as this fact is unpleasant to you, if it was indifferent for you, then and heart so would not be covered with blood at only one thought of treason.

6. Sometimes occurs so that the man, having changed, understands that he does not love you at all and you are not created for each other. Kind of it sadly did not sound, but it is necessary to release him. Do not ask to remain at all, it will not add to you self-confidence and to the man you can fall in eyes.

7. Think, there are pluses, perhaps everywhere, earlier you could not do favorite thing, but will now be given him completely. You go to beauty shop, change style. Remember that after treason the life does not come to an end.

8. As a rule, unfaithfulness most often happens because of the cooled-down relations. If it is your case, bring more romanticism in life, for example, arrange a dinner by candlelight.

9. And if you forgave darling, it is not necessary to remind him at each quarrel of treason and to reproach it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team