How to be with the man who avoids communication

How to be with the man who avoids communication

If you got used that men do not avoid you and do not refuse anything, sudden indifference of the pleasant guy will be very unpleasant. It is not necessary to think that you something are unpleasant to it. The man can avoid communication for many reasons, and at you, most likely, there is a chance to win its attention.

1. Compare your social status to position of the man in society. Perhaps, you are very successful or receive higher salary. It is heavy to men to realize that women can be leaders. More likely, men want to see the keeper of the center in the darling. And if you are business ladies, having the large capital, show the readiness to be a good wife and mother.

2. Invite home the man and your mutual friends. Do not place emphasis that you seek for communication with this person. Houses, feeling like the mistress of the situation, show yourself from other party, be such what he yet never saw you. Do not insist on a conversation, do not pay too much attention, it will only push away the man.

3. Find with the man of a common ground. Learn as much as possible about his hobbies and develop in this direction. For example, it is easy to interest the inveterate numismatist in a rare coin or profound knowledge in this area.

4. Try to learn as much as possible about the last relations of the man. Perhaps, you are similar to one of his ex-girlfriends. Such data are very useful as you will be able to avoid many mistakes in communication.

5. Try to talk frankly to the man and to sort out at him the reason of it to you the relations. It is not necessary to speak accusatory tone, after all, it is obliged to you by nothing. Explain that to you such position is unclear and it would be desirable to change your style of communication. Perhaps, the quiet conversation will allow the man to relax and talk to you frankly.

6. Learn, maybe, the man has a girl or the wife. Then its attitude towards you can quite speak sympathy which disturbs the real relations. The man just tries to remain faithful. Here you have to solve for yourself whether you want farther to try to obtain attention and to destroy its couple or it is worth leaving the guy alone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team