How to become happy in love

How to become happy in love

Different people differently treat the relations which they build. Some are content with small, one kiss for the night and a tender look of darling can make happy them. Another is constant in total a little: attention, gifts and even love. In everything they look for a dirty trick, the hidden sense, the reasons for quarrels, but they love the second half too. Why people are unhappy in the relations and how it is possible to become happy in love?


1. The first rule of the happy relations is to keep in them itself, the personality. Some people, especially are subject to it women, are so dissolved in the love that put the elect in the center of own life, forgetting about themselves, the dreams, career and even about the appearance. When the person loses himself, he risks to lose also darling as the relations become heavy and tiresome for both partners. Over time the person putting the love above all has a feeling of deprivation, unreasonable jealousy and insistence. It does not lead to anything good therefore it is necessary to learn to love himself not less strongly, than the second half and to understand that the love has to penetrate life thin threads, but not fill it to the brim, without leaving the place on anything more.

2. The second rule of love happiness is to find and develop common interests, to be friends with darling. Even if you are absolutely different people and you have opposite fields of activity, think up for yourself the general hobby. Even if it is a weekly visit of cinema. The main thing that you were able to have a good time together. You learn to be on friendly terms with the elect. You share with each other problems, help to solve them. At a difficult moment you have to come to the rescue, and at the joy moments - sincerely to share it with darling.

3. The third rule of happiness in love is to work not only on the spiritual relations, but also on intimate. The sexual wellbeing improves an emotional background in couple, favorably affects mood and health. That sex brought more emotions and pleasures, diversify it: look for new places, poses, tempt and seduce each other always, as during origin of the relations.

4. And of course, take care and respect for the partner, remain faithful. The real feelings do not suffer a lie and unfaithfulness. If you consider that you cannot be loyal to one person long, then do not build with him the relations - they will not bring happiness to either you, or him. If you are ready to be devoted and faithful to darling, then keep the and his feelings, do not swear without cause, do not make an excess claim and reproaches. Enjoy time spent together, openly express the feelings and take care of darling. Then your love will bring both joy, happiness, tranquility and satisfaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team