How to become irreplaceable for men

How to become irreplaceable for men

For full-fledged happiness the woman needs to feel favourite and significant in the man's life. For this purpose it is necessary to understand what, actually, the modern man needs and that the woman can offer him.


1. Food. It is primary human requirement. What there spoke about culinary talents of the stronger sex, the fact remains: the man in kitchen is rather exception to the rules (though quite pleasant). In everyday life cooking – business women's, men's – is (it is desirable with pleasure).

2. Cosiness. Men sincerely love the barchelor dwellings, but, despite this, most of them will estimate the life created and arranged with the woman's hands.

3. Sex. Many women use it as means of manipulation. As shows experience, sometimes it and the truth works. But an opportunity thus to attach to itself the man for a long time – is very doubtful.

4. It is necessary to look to the truth in eyes: the man is capable to satisfy all the physical needs for the modern world. In hypermarket it is possible to buy already ready dish for every taste, washing, thanks to the modern equipment, – occupation not difficult, and will help to be tidied up the girl from house services. Of course, in a bed the normal man without desired woman has nothing to do. But we live in time when everything is on sale and bought. There would be demand, and the offer will be. To find to itself the companion for the evening for most of men will not make special work.

5. Wishing to become irreplaceable for the men, many women stubborn try to realize ideal Mary Poppins's image. They and in kitchen of the magician, and in the maker's bed. Unfortunately, from lips of such women of the man, after all, listen to reproaches. Devoting all itself entirely to its interests, she expects from him the same. But whether the man is ready for such victims? Hardly. As a result remains only to it, being perplexed, to be indignant.

6. According to the well-known theory of A. Maslow, having satisfied the primary physical requirements, the person to seek to satisfy spiritual. Modern life is full of works involving all hands, critical situations, stresses which especially perniciously affect mental and physical health of the man. Every day to solve numerous problems, the reliable support and support is simply necessary for it. The loving woman has to become for it "the right hand", the partner, the adviser and the best friend in one person. Ability to keep calm and self-control in critical situations, the wisdom, patience, optimism are those female qualities which so attract men if it is about the long-term relations. Community of interests, ease in communication, the similar purposes and readiness to reach them together – the base of strong and happy relationship.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team