How to become pregnant if the husband against

How to become pregnant if the husband against

Pregnancy and the birth of the kid are important points for each family. But there are situations when the spouse dreams of the child, and the husband against. In this case the woman either goes for deception or refuses the desire. But ways to bring the baby even without the knowledge of the satellite exist.


1. Before bringing the child, think. It will be deception of the most loved for you the one. The man can understand, at him fatherly feelings can wake up, and then all it develop. But maybe so that he will refuse this kid or will be angry with deception, will consider it treachery. You should live all life with knowledge that you without the consent of the satellite made up the mind to such step.

2. It is the simplest to become pregnant, having told the husband that you accept oral contraceptives. At the same time you refuse these medicines. That there were no questions, buy a similar pack of vitamins, and drink it according to the necessary schedule. He will think what everything be all right, and unexpected events it will be possible to write off data protection of tablets for not 100%.

3. It is also possible to take a spiral if it is established, without having told the spouse. Pregnancy probability with a spiral not big, but after all exists, it will become a good explanation of how it happened. But it is important that the doctor did not spill the beans. When you come together to survey of mother and future kid, warn the doctor that the husband is not aware. Or to remove a spiral go to one expert, and conduct pregnancy at another.

4. If you are protected by condoms, it is possible to spoil a pack, having made several holes. Enough two three punctures will be a small needle. It is necessary to change not all things in packing as if the man learns about this cunning, there will be a scandal. In the ordinary place where they are stored, leave the whole products, and pick up punctured. Or replace whole with spoiled in the course of the love game. But you remember that after process it is better to throw out a rubber product independently as parts of liquid will filter, it will cause suspicions.

5. Effective option — an artificial insemination. It is the medical procedure at which the men's seed is entered into the woman's uterus. It is necessary to address the doctor, to find out the best time for conception, and these days to come with material to clinic. It is possible to take sperm from condom that the husband did not notice. This paid, but effective procedure. If the woman has no problems with health, pregnancy can occur from the first attempt. But here it is important that all process took place quickly as time of life of spermatozoyd is limited.

6. It is possible to enter sperm and independently, for example by means of the syringe. Then it is recommended to raise legs that liquid did not flow and to carry out in this provision of 10-15 minutes. To optimum do it during an ovulation when pregnancy probability maximum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team