How to become the best girlfriend for the daughter

How to become the best girlfriend for the daughter

Any mother seeks to impart during education of the daughter to her the necessary skills of personal hygiene, housekeeping and culture of behavior. But whether it is possible to become for the daughter the best friend to whom the growing-up child can entrust even the most intimate secrets?


1. If you want to become the best girlfriend for the daughter, be for her a loved one in the sense of spiritual proximity. Behave with the daughter as equals, you do not seek to infringe upon her interests for the sake of yourself, but also do not forget about yourself, the plans and the purposes for the sake of wellbeing and happiness of your child. Try to reach literally in everything in communication compromise which will become the acceptable decision and for the growing-up daughter, and for her mother. Consider the child as the personality who has the right for expression of the opinion and own views.

2. In communication with the daughter do not prove to be as grown wise life experience of the person, surely recognize own mistakes, be not afraid to apologize to the grown-up child in case of a wrongfulness. To become the daughter's girlfriend, correctly you treat her still since childhood, do not use a lie when the girl needs to persuade something to be made. Keep own promises even if you give them not to the teenager, but the kindergarten child, to these you only summon at the daughter respect, without having dropped the authority on her eyes at all.

3. Trying to become the girlfriend for the daughter, do not criticize either her hobbies, or the closest friends even if they please you at all not. According to the statements of psychologists if the teenager does not divide your values it is only a consequence of omission from parents. Even in a difficult situation avoid the categorical bans, try to tell the daughter about the mistakes made by it unostentatiously. As a rule, the various bans to achieve from the daughter of implicit obedience and furthermore trust to you, it is just impossible, she will only move away and will cease to tell about the problems.

4. Keep trusting relationship that she told about all things disturbing her with the daughter better, shared problems and listened to your words. Be aware of the most important events of life of the growing-up girl that you always had an opportunity at the most difficult moment to support her. Wishing to approach the daughter, you spend with her together much time, daily together walk in the park, and in the evenings organize tea drinking with heart-to-heart talk. Do not kill trust of the daughter to you that to spoil nothing, let everything told by her will remain between you.

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