How to become the best mother

How to become the best mother

Almost each woman wants to be good mother for the kid. It is important to bring up the child the clever, well-mannered, good person, and at all this to remain for him beloved mother.

You spend time with the child

Try to communicate with the child more often. Until he learns to talk, you should conduct monologues. But when he will learn to answer, speak with him as equals. It is not necessary to lisp or wave away from its problems. Listen carefully to his stories and ask questions. If you have no time for a conversation, ask forgiveness and promise to listen to the end in the evening. Surely keep the promise not to undermine the authority. Daily communication will help to build up close and trusting relationship with the child that will help to overcome the difficult teenage period.

Show the love and care. It is very important to kid to feel support of parents. You praise him more often if it executed your assignment, give a reward for good behavior. But it is not necessary to impose it the desires, allow him to choose hobbies. Do not forget to embrace more often him, to iron, do massage and to kiss that he learned to accept and express love.

Bring up and teach it. Do not rely completely on kindergarten or school, do in the spare time education of the child. Write down in the developing circles, sports sections, music school or just be engaged with it at home. Impart to it love for knowledge that it did not lag behind peers and achieved in success life. Be not afraid to be strict. Parents need to be firm correctly to bring up the kid. Sometimes children can behave badly and that they did not grow up rebels, learn to pacify them. It is not necessary to shout or beat children to show the authority. To explain with rather accurate voice that so it is impossible to behave and to give the reasons. If it continues to be capricious, use threats, but only next time put them in action. Observe the sequence in actions, rules and a day regimen. It is clear and accurately let know to the child what you want from him. If he is capricious, explain with a quiet voice why it is impossible to behave so and what will be if he does not obey. If he continues to be capricious, execute the threat. From time to time it is possible to go for small derogations from the mode, but explain to the kid of the reason. It is not necessary to indulge blindly its whims, but if there is an objective reason, it is possible to make concessions. For example, if usually the child lays down at 21 o'clock, and at 20:30 there arrived the grandmother and the grandfather, allow it to sit with them.

Let's themselves have a rest

Do not demand from yourself too much, take a break for rest. Motherhood – hard work on which 24 hours a day leave. Ask about the help of the husband or other relatives that they sat with the kid. And you have a little a rest at this time. Do not forget about yourself, the child needs happy and quiet mother, and the rest everything will be put.

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