How to become the bitch

How to become the bitch

More and more women want to reincarnate in bitches. It is accepted to understand purposeful, cynical and strong ladies as this term. Actually, the bitch to become quite simple.

Definition of the word "bitch"

The fact is that our world is not too adapted for soft, kind and correct "girls" to receive due from life, it is necessary to be more rigid, pryamy more cynically. It is possible to tell that it is worth understanding as "transformation into the bitch" rather acquisition of self-confidence, obtaining social skills, some liberation and shift of living position in the direction of cynicism. Unfortunately, most often all this can be got irresponsibly after unpleasant mistakes in the relations with a male. So often men are responsible for the fact that gentle creations turn into steel, purposeful women whom already especially and "you will not play".

Setting before itself the purpose to turn into the bitch, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account that it is necessary to change in itself a lot of things, both in character, and in appearance. It is necessary to understand what you want from men and life in general. To define priority of the purposes, to begin the movement to the most important purposes. You can become whimsical or cruel, but not the idler at all. Establish the daily routine, be engaged in career, be implemented.

If change of a way of life towards increase in bitchiness causes irritation, discontent and other negative emotions, choose other way of life for yourself.

What characterizes the bitch?

All your internal concentration should not be shown in appearance. You have to be magnificent and weakened. From outside has to seem that you carry out the lion's share of time in day spa and fitness clubs. Only you have to know what price gives external carelessness. Adopt thrift, cynicism and concealment of the real emotions. You learn to assess any situation from a logic position, use reason, but not feelings. You have to understand what benefit can be taken from any given circumstances. Do not put the man on a pedestal, do not do of it an ideal, you do not rush behind it, be not imposed. If you fall in love with the man, estimate his relation. If at it there is at least a disrespect droplet, get rid of such man. The real bitch will not allow similar. Own advantage is important for the bitch, it cannot be sacrificed to men.

First with the man it is worth being a fluffy kitty, show the teeth when you know that production will not leave any more.

Bitches seldom are to the taste to other women. Be ready to envy, hatred, fear and even pity. Be ready that you will have no real girlfriends if you suddenly decide to replace the way of life and a mentality cardinally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team