How to become the good friend

How to become the good friend

To find the true friend – great happiness for everyone. With it and time it is pleasant to carry out, and will disinterestedly help, and will not leave in trouble. But to receive the good friend, it is necessary most to become the same companion for him.


1. Make friends at first with yourself. Realize all the advantages and shortcomings, mistakes and character. Accept yourself such as is. Only after you understood and accepted yourself, you learn to understand and accept other people. Try to realize, as other people are likewise far from an ideal. All have merits and demerits. Perhaps, these shortcomings will strongly irritate you. But also your negative sides of character can enrage someone also from time to time too. Proceeding from it, you will understand that if desired it is possible to make friends with anyone.

2. In the modern world much catastrophically lack time for the interpersonal relations. On the first place – study, work, family. On search of the good friend, many cannot allocate for communication with already existing friends even of a couple of hours. The problem of a lack of time is a problem of assessment of vital values. Begin to appreciate the personal relations above, and you will always find time for communication with friends. Otherwise on an old age of years you, perhaps, will suffer from the fact that you spent life dullly and did not manage to communicate to friends and relatives in plenty.

3. Learn to listen and hear the interlocutors. This very valuable quality for establishment of the friendly relations. You learn to understand that say you what sense is put in the words, you learn to penetrate into problems of the interlocutor, to remember them. The friend will often share with you the problems, looking for council, support or a consolation. If you manage to help it with it, it also will be manifestation of good friendship.

4. Try to give to the friends a part of yourself. You share the hobbies, curious stories, knowledge. Make your life bright and interesting that your friends wanted to participate in it. Each good friend has to introduce something good in life of another. Only this way you will be able to become is spiritually richer from communication, from your friendship.

5. Look for something the general between you. And that there were more chances to find the general common ground, broaden horizons and erudition. Try to become the interesting person, show interest in various aspects of life. Only this way a talk of other people will be clear, available and interesting to you. And you not only will be able to keep up others conversation, but also to continue it so that you listened with delight. When you become the good and interesting interlocutor, people will seek to be on friendly terms with you.

6. Trust the friends, do not deceive them and do not try to hide something. Show openness and sincerity in the relations with them. Listening about problems and failures of the companion, offer the help. Also render this help. The real help, real affairs and not only on trifles. Be honest with the friend: if he makes some mistake, be not afraid to tell him the truth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team