How to become the strong personality?

How to become the strong personality?

It is difficult not to notice the strong person. Sure gait, commitment, well trained voice, a clear idea of life. But why some know how to become the self-sufficient personality, and others merge with a gray weight and do not see anything further the nose? To become really strong person and to attract people around, it is necessary to work on itself constantly. And what else is necessary to become the personality? Let's try to understand this question.

How to become the personality?

According to age psychology, it is possible to bring up in the person the personality up to 23 years. Further growth and development depends already on the person and those circumstances to which he gets during life. What means to become the personality in ordinary understanding? First of all, it means possession of strong character. The personality does not come under any influence, takes an independent stand on the events around and is able to manipulate people around independently. When the person becomes a personality, he ceases to depend on someone's opinion that, you see, is important. So give and we will cross through prejudices and complexes and we will take the first step new to ourselves.

What needs to be done to become the personality, but not to remain subject to constant manipulations? For a start it is necessary to develop in itself the corresponding qualities:

  1. You learn to be self-assured. Classify what complexes disturb you it is proud to look before himself and to be afraid of nothing. Train a confident look and gait.
  2. Get rid of shyness and constraint. Loudly read aloud while nobody sees. Work a steady voice and accurate diction. Nobody will begin to respect you until you mumble. It is one of the first steps how to become the interesting personality.
  3. You learn to be plain with people and to express personal opinion. Be going to defend the correctness before people around.
  4. Get rid of excessive self-criticism. The person who thought how to become the strong personality, surely has to know the own worth and not allow surrounding to underestimate it.
  5. The most important – you love yourself. Remember – both you treat yourself, and the others will concern you.

From the theory to practice

How to become the charismatic personality if you have to address large audience or just to interact with

  • large number of people? In this aspect of special work it is not required.
  • remember names of your interlocutors. For the person there is no sound more pleasantly, than his own name;
  • be interested in people. The most favourite subject of your interlocutor – he. Take an interest in its affairs, and you will surely find respect;
  • be able to listen. Each person needs to allow to speak. Having seen in you the good listener, to you will also begin to listen;
  • offer the help. In the modern world seldom it is necessary to count on people around. Present to people such opportunity and in exchange you receive the sea of gratitude.

Even if you are already a strong and influential person, do not forget about the inner world. In it you will be helped by advice how to become the harmonious personality:

  1. You love the body and everything that surrounds it. Care for the dwelling, create in it a cosiness and in time get rid of excess things and household items. Express love for the body by means of exercises and healthy nutrition.
  2. Have your feelings. If you watch the movies causing a storm of emotions, then do to yourself and favourite people small pleasant gifts. Only the person able to empathize and feel has the right to be called a personality.
  3. Create harmony in yourself. Be able to relax. Practice yoga, or meditation, sometimes it is necessary just to learn to relax and listen to an inner voice. Listen to the intuition, and it will many times help out you at a difficult moment.

The full-fledged strong personality includes harmony of brightness, charisma and internal charm. Sometimes, that to achieve it from many people the whole life leaves. You learn to work on yourself, respect everything that was put in you by the nature. Be oneself, and people to you will stretch.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team