How to begin friendship

How to begin friendship

The need for companionship at the person is very strong: social communications are a key fortunately. Some begin friendship with ease, others - hardly meet with people. For successful formation of friendly relations sometimes it is necessary to work hard over himself.


1. Begin with yourself. The true friend has to be ready to sacrifice the time, to help. Try to show consideration for people around, rejoice to their progress, sympathize and you seek to support. As friendship demands certain emotional expenses, learn to apply them.

2. Develop to become really interesting personality. Lead a healthy lifestyle, you watch yourself, be a cheerful and optimistic person, smile more often – all this will attract to you people. Read more and listen to good music, fill the heart with positive emotions – internal qualities of the person are distinctly shown in communication with it.

3. Find a common ground with the person with whom you want to be on friendly terms. A basis of strong and long friendship are common interests, but not the material status or financial position.

4. You do not hurry to approach, act gradually. Telling from the first days of communication of a detail of the intimate life or constantly complaining of the chief, you will frighten off any adequate person. Be not persuasive: congratulate on holidays, be interested in health, offer the feasible help.

5. Think up joint occupation which you can do together. For example, you go shopping together, to the pool or fitness club. Spending more time together, you will begin to communicate and recognize each other more.

6. Be tactful. From the friend the people wait for support, but not barefaced criticism. The last is allowed only to those friends whom you know many years.

7. Avoid consumerism as in return, and from the friend. If the person whom you try to approach exploits you, it is better to interrupt acquaintance. Also do not afford such relation – friendship has to bring benefit and positive emotions to both parties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team