How to begin new life without husband

How to begin new life without husband

The divorce is a stressful event for an organism. Habitual vital foundations are broken therefore you can feel causeless alarm, concern, irritability.


1. Main rule: to be fixed on life, but not on own fears. Attentively watch what occurs around you as events develop. Do not allow alarm and fear of the future to absorb you entirely.

2. Bring order to the house, throw out garbage. Get rid of the things reminding to you of the ex-husband. Remember that the situation which surrounds you directly influences your mentality.

3. Observe a day regimen. You sleep not less than seven hours a day, it is desirable to go to bed every time at the same time. Existence of a strong vital system, long term habits will allow your organism to cope with a stress successfully. Naturally, about addictions the speech does not go.

4. Lead active lifestyle, play sports. The sport tones up a body, disperses blood, increases immunity and resistance to stress of an organism. Do physical exercises for development of muscles. Having the tightened body, you will feel more surely.

5. You are absorbed by thoughts of the past, constantly concerned by something, your state is close to neurosis? Think up occupation which will compete with "dominant". Read interesting books, you watch movies, listen to good music. Communicate with friends, walk. Being obsessed with the problems and "being locked" within four walls, you only aggravate the situation.

6. If it is not possible to solve a problem most, ask for the help the psychologist or the psychotherapist. Tell it about what torments you, in detail describe all details of the state. Discuss possible solutions of a problem with the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team