How to begin the relations anew

How to begin the relations anew

In many respects sooner or later there comes such moment when the future of two is absolutely unclear. No matter, who in this situation responsible, it is important to understand that everything can be corrected. The main thing that you could make a compromise to keep the relations with darling. To begin the relations anew – good option, and participation both for this purpose will be required.


1. You need the consent to it of two parties, otherwise nothing good will leave this invention. Both the man, and the woman have to be ready to the forthcoming difficulties, and have to experience them together too. For a start you have to tell each other what in you does not arrange in the partner. Naturally, it has to be not the appearance, in that case already nothing will help you.

2. Explain to the partner with what you would like to see him in the future. It has to sound not as the requirement. It is impossible to ask to carry out precisely all details as according to the instruction. It has to be a wish it seems: "If you do so, it would be very pleasant to me".

3. Discuss what will change from the beginning of the new relations and as they will last long. That is at this stage of creation of the new relations you have to solve who as will change what compromise it is ready to make not to lose the partner. And if you accept the arrangement, then it is possible to pass to the following step.

4. It is necessary to take from the obtained information for himself something new and to begin to change! Without active actions nothing will turn out. If you and your partner are ready to pass all difficulties for which wait on the way to mutual understanding and new happy life, then it is worth trying.

5. Do not forget that the reason for which your relations reached a deadlock is very important. If you left because of constant unfaithfulness, treachery or are not compatible characters at all, think, whether you should begin all over again. Sooner or later, all of you will equally come to the same situation. And if so why to spoil to itself nerves and to spend time?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team