How to begin to live together with the guy

How to begin to live together with the guy

The decision on cohabitation with darling is always a new stage of the relations to which couple will inevitably pass. But that such rapprochement did not go to harm, it is necessary as follow to be prepared and to consider everything.


1. Do not make such decision on emotions. After the romantic evening spent together when at heart it is pleasant and quiet, it is possible to agree easily to cohabitation with the guy. But the reality needs to look in the face. Joint life is not romanticism, but daily contact of two adults having own habits.

2. Discuss, the embodiment of your desire is how real. You need to deal with the residence, and it is desirable that you lived separately from your parents. Stipulate the reasons preventing you to live in common and methods of their elimination.

3. Do not hide the doubts. Open communication will help you to reveal possible problems and in advance to think of their decision. Perhaps, you become stronger in determination to live in common or, on the contrary, will understand what at this stage of the relations it is inexpedient to do.

4. Be ready to concede. Whatever warm, gentle and unusual your relations were during courting, cohabitation can bring with itself many difficulties. Therefore instead of insisting on the preferences, you reach compromise, otherwise you will not be able to get on.

5. Discuss as much as possible nuances before moving. Cohabitation will reveal a set of the unresolved moments in which it will be necessary to be engaged. Therefore do not postpone a talk about what already obviously and requires attention. Discuss your daily routine, plans for the weekend, preferences in food and planning of the budget.

6. Do not lose freedom. Kind of people did not love each other, they cannot spend all the time together. Especially sharply the need for freedom can appear at the beginning of cohabitation because, meeting, you lived life everyone, and now it is joint. That the relations were stronger, it is necessary to spend time separately. Make sure thatMake sure that both of you understand it correctly.

7. Do not expect much. Difficulties and disagreements at the first stage after moving are normal, at each of you the habits and as you are not able to read mind, there will be disagreements. It is not necessary to decide hasty that it is necessary to part and lead former life. Give yourself time to adapt to new circumstances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team