How to begin to live with the man

How to begin to live with the man

When the relations between people in love develop into something more serious, ardent embraces and kisses near the Moon become insufficiently. There is a need for the strong and strong base. It seems to much that to begin to live together with darling easily and simply, but it only at first sight. It is very serious step which demands heavy responsibility.

1. First of all, present the joint future with the darling: how you will begin to live, solve together various family problems, to raise children. Better in advance about everything to agree with the man. Listen to opinion of the friends, relatives and independently draw conclusions.

2. Learn to sacrifice something for the sake of the beloved. Time to change the habitual way of life came. Reconsider the views of a daily routine, planning of leisure and a diet. Make a few efforts to adapt to a way of life of darling.

3. Agree always together to discuss all the problems. In common be engaged in arrangement of the housing and surely distribute work in the house that in the future there were no disputes. You proceed from this which of you has more free time and who is successful in what affairs better.

4. You approach all problems with humour, then they will not seem such unsolvable.

5. Try not to limit male freedom. Men are freedom-loving on the nature therefore they need to have freedom of action. Do not forbid darling to communicate with friends and fellow workers. Do not deprive of him this pleasure.

6. Show respect for friends of the darling. Good relations with them will dispose to you the man even more. Do not forget also about yourself. Lead full life, you remember the hobbies, interests and friends.

7. Do not assume that parents interfered with your relations. What is good for them can not be suitable for your own family at all. You are capable to understand the relations.

8. Never demand from favourite perfection. Remember that he is the same person, as well as you, and has the right for mistakes.

9. You love it with all the heart and trust it. Do not argue, disputes never and solve nothing. After the dispute everyone agrees to differ, but very unpleasant feeling of disappointment for the begun dispute is added.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team