How to begin to trust the husband

How to begin to trust the husband

The closest people are those people to whom you trust. Especially it is difficult to endure treachery of the loved one. How to dull the bitterness and pain which crept in later unfaithfulness in the heart and to begin to trust again the spouse?


1. Despite everything you decided to remain with the husband, having kept family, but pain still torments you, and you cannot forgive him in any way. That to get rid of it, you need to pour out completely it. Make it, having frankly talked to the spouse. Of course, it is very heavy to talk about all this for you. But try to refrain from charges and reproaches, you speak only about the feelings. If it is difficult to express without emotions, write it the letter.

2. There are other options: communicate to the close girlfriend, the sister, and ask for the help the psychologist better. The most important – stop to keep everything in yourself and tell, at last, about all the offenses.

3. Agree with the husband about providing "compensation for moral damage" to them. To struggle with negative emotions is the most effective by means of positive. The joint travel, a trip, a dinner by candlelight, a romantic appointment – all this will help you to smooth down unpleasant memoirs and to improve the relations.

4. Remember that problems and troubles arise on a course of life of each person, and there is it to show him his delusions and to force to learn the necessary vital lessons. Therefore try to pacify the feelings and to learn for itself a lesson from current situation. Use difficult circumstances to reconsider the views of the family relations. Without justifying the husband's act at all, think of whether there is no your fault in an event and.

5. Anyway nobody is able to change the past, but the future in your hands. Leave the past alone, it died and will never revive, it passed forever. Your life is made only "here" and "now". Also take care of that being present at the same time. Begin to build consciously the new relations with the spouse and new life and to enjoy it!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team