How to behave as the real man?

How to behave as the real man?

Any woman wants to see near herself the real man, but what he has to be what traits of character and manners of behavior distinguish it from other males?

How to behave as the real man - myths

In society there are wrong stereotypes how the real man behaves. The first myth concerns that it has to be able to forgive and leave from the conflict. It is quite doubtful as situations are different and it is better to solve the conflicts, than to try to nullify.

The second myth belongs to constant gifts. Of course, they should be given, but it is worth observing a side as at the initial stage of the relations it is impossible to be sure that the girl likes the identity of the man, but not his gifts.

The third myth concerns implicit satisfaction of desires of the girlfriend. Maintenance of this myth directly contradicts behavior of the real man who has to adhere to the principles and have self-esteem.

How does the man have to behave?

The real man has to be able to overcome the fears. All people are afraid of something, and it is normal, but the man has to be able to make acts even contrary to the fears. For him it is important to argue the point of view. The man is obliged to take the responsibility, it concerns all aspects of life.

The man has to be purposeful and have the principles to which it is necessary to adhere always, despite of external circumstances. In the relations with the soulmate it is important to establish a framework and not to go beyond their limits. The girl has to understand that the man considers acceptable in the relations and that he – categorically is not present. The behavior of the real man has to be worthy if the man behaves as the child, his woman will not feel a due support and support.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team