How to behave at acquaintance to the girl's parents

How to behave at acquaintance to the girl's parents

You met the girl of the dream and managed to enter with it into the relations. Your love moved to more serious level, and time to meet her parents came now. For certain, it already told them what you remarkable. Not to bring darling and not to disappoint her relatives, you have to make the best impression on them.

1. So, you gather on a visit to her parents. Very first what they will pay attention to - it is your appearance. You have to look good. Put on the beautiful ironed shirt and trousers. Prepare shoes. If this summer, it is possible to put on a white t-shirt and dark jeans. Your appearance has to say that you the accurate and solid man.

2. Do not go on a visit empty-handed. Buy flowers for her mother, but at first specify at darling what flowers are preferred by your future mother-in-law. You can present to her father a small gift. If it normally treats alcohol, buy a bottle of quality alcoholic drink. The most important – do not forget to present flowers and the darling to show her to parents as you appreciate it.

3. Coming to them into the house, be not nervous. Get acquainted, tell that their daughter told about them a lot of good. When you are invited to a table, you remember that all of you time have to care for the girl. Remove for her a chair, gallantly offer her a hand that she sat down. Flirt behind it. Try to do all this easily and easy that parents saw that you care for their daughter every day, and not just today.

4. Answer all questions which they will ask you. You should not embellish the achievements strongly. If you yet practically reached nothing in life, let them know that you very serious and perspective man. You speak about work, study, business, plans for life.

5. Be interested in life of interlocutors, otherwise an impression will be made that you came to interrogation. Politely ask them questions. Take an interest in the childhood of the darling. Perhaps, you will spend pleasant evening behind viewing children's photos. Interest her father. Try to choose a moment and to start talking to it about sport to find the general subject.

6. You monitor the expressions. You speak beautifully and distinctly. Do not raise the voice and strongly do not gesticulate. Do not argue with her parents, do not discuss with them others problems, intimate issues, the salary, religion, the ex-girlfriends and shortcomings of their daughter. They have to get about you a good impression of the balanced, well-mannered young man who very strongly loves their baby and will never give her in offense.

7. Leaving guests, thank parents for a great dinner and warm welcome. Tell that spent wonderful evening to their companies. Whenever possible, you speak sincerely that they really trusted you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team