How to behave if the favourite guy changed

How to behave if the favourite guy changed

Treason of darling is a deep psychological trauma. At the initial stage of the relations it seems that darling will never change, however from it nobody is insured. As it is correct to behave if you want to keep the relations and are ready to forgive darling, but not to lose own advantage.

You were changed by darling. You already precisely know that it occurred. Your first reaction — offense. You are ready to break off at once the relations, apparently, that it is already impossible to forgive the traitor. However, after a while you begin to think more reasonably, and here you do not want to leave your beloved any more. How to pull out him from tenacious hands of the competitor? The important stage is a collecting necessary information on a razluchnitsa. Try to find out about it about everything. The more a compromising evidence, the higher to win the chance the man. 

Show wisdom and try to estimate the competitor objectively. It is not necessary to lie to himself and to convince itself that she though for ten years is younger than you, but looks worse. Argue sensibly. 

Now time to estimate her mental abilities came. If she is very silly, then it can help you, but provided that your beloved prefers educated and erudite women with whom is to talk about what. Besides, if the competitor is cleverer than your darling, then near her he too long will not be late.

Try to learn what your competitor is afraid of. On its weaknesses it is possible to play. 

If you learned about treason of your darling, then try not to roll up rough scenes. It is very difficult, but the impulsiveness in this question can turn back against you. In a rush of anger it is possible to tell and move away so much superfluous from darling so that it will be already impossible to return the former relations. Here it is important to understand that your darling wanted to find in the relations on the party. Perhaps, he just gave in to minute weakness and changed you by ridiculous accident. Do not make nonsenses, do not push him in embraces of the competitor with the rash actions.

Collect a compromising evidence on a razluchnitsa. Learn as much as possible about her private life. If to aim, then in an age of the Internet it is rather simple to make it. Now it is possible to tell unostentatiously your darling about that with whom he deceives you. However here too it is important not to overdo and not to begin to compose about the competitor of a tale at all. It is rather simple to arouse doubt in sincerity of its new passion in his soul. Often it happens already enough to spoil its novel on the party.

To return darling and to get rid of the competitor, it is necessary to stock up with patience and composure. Learn about her financial position. If your darling supports her, then it will be very easy for you to block cash flows. Believe, this very effective remedy on fight against razluchnitsa. As a rule, if financial support stops, then similar women look for other sources of additional income.

Learn about its hobby. By the way, it is very dangerous if your darling and the competitor met on the soil of common interests, whether it be work or hobby. Think, maybe, time to be interested more in affairs of your beloved and to take part in his life came.

It is necessary to learn when the competitor has birthday. This day do everything possible to hold your favourite house. It is possible even to pretend to be ill to ruin this action. Believe if your man is not able to escape to it in day of its birth, then it will cause to their relations a serious loss. The competitor will surely make it scandal.

What cannot be done at all if your darling changes

If you have general children, then do not involve their your dismantling. Do not blackmail the traitor with children. Such actions you only cause in him disgust and rage and children it is worth regretting and not to cripple them weak mentality.

You do not call the mistress of your darling. It is the main mistake. You think that after the conversation with you it will take and will move to other city or will throw your husband at once. It , on the contrary, will tell your man that you terrorize it. In addition she still can embellish so a situation that you will look the Fury, and it an innocent lamb. Believe, the competitor only also waits when you begin to perceive her seriously and pay attention to her presence at your life. To ask the mistress to leave your man too is not necessary – waste of time.

It is difficult to endure treason of darling, especially when he suddenly gets the constant relations on the party. However nothing in this world occurs just like that, think, perhaps, you gave to it a reason to seek love elsewhere.

Treat the arisen situation extremely carefully, do not run at once to make scandal, cool down and begin to act most coolly. Certainly, if you decided to return your darling, but not to leave him near your competitor — let now she suffers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team