How to behave if the girl dynamite

How to behave if the girl dynamite

Devushka-dinamshchitsa can seriously undermine a men's self-assessment and self-confidence. She makes a set of promises, goes with the young man to the cinema and restaurants, demands gifts and expenditure, but does not keep the word. Communication with such girl – waste of time, money and nerves.

How to arrive if you were prodinamit

It is important to manage to define, it is about "dynamo" or it you mixed something. Simple and classical example: the girl goes with the man on restaurants, some time allows to pay for her, but then quietly and imperceptibly disappears, ceases to take the call and   does not contact in social networks. The reason, most likely, is that the young man just was not pleasant to it, but it could not or did not want to tell about it directly not to offend and  to offend. In this case it is very important to analyze the and her behavior, and  during the meetings with girls to watch how they communicate with you. It will help to define quicker and more precisely a problem.

Think: can, you thought up all promises which the girl to you, allegedly, made while she did not encourage you?

The second widespread option — when the man absolutely accurately lets know that  he "buys" by visits of restaurant and cinema intimate proximity. In most cases  such behavior does not lead to anything good. If the girl decided to prodinamit such man, she will hint at close contact, but   at the same time will not allow to happen to anything else, than an easy kiss at parting. The best option is not to try to reduce communication to intimate relations, not to demand from the girl of fast transition to sex. It is better to let her know that you are ready to the serious relations, you appreciate and you respect her.

At last, it is possible that the girl is simply inexperienced or endured very unpleasant experience therefore can make a promise and accept gifts, but  not let out you from "a friendly zone". If it is about such "dynamo", perhaps, it is worth gaining gradually trust of the girl, trying to become more attractive to her. If all efforts, including a talk, are useless, the best option is to look for other girl.

How to behave with the female-dinamshchitsey

If you are sure that the girl just uses you to receive gifts and free of charge to have supper at restaurants, and it is not a fruit of your imaginations and the wounded male self-esteem, change behavior tactics. Refer to the fact that you have no money, and begin to hold appointments on the street or in those places where it is not necessary to buy anything — for example, at free exhibitions.

That the girl did not demand constant expenditure, explain to her what was spent by all money for repair of the car or some other needs.

Try to punish a dinamshchitsa, having presented her with a fait accompli that at restaurant everyone pays for himself. Stop to give her money for the taxi, do not buy tickets at cinema and theater. She soon will understand that dynamite you it is useless, and the situation will be resolved.

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