How to behave if the guy is more senior than you

How to behave if the guy is more senior than you

Some couples have a big age difference when the man is several years more senior than the girl. In such relations there can be problems, friction and disagreements which can sadden the happy novel.


1. Discuss views of the future. Make sure that you want the same. If the man is going to take you in the wife, to bring children and to start a strong family, and you are not ready to it yet, all is better to find out in advance.

2. Do not provoke it to jealousy, especially if an age difference very big. Mentally the man will compare himself to your peers who, most likely, look is more tightened and have other advantages.

3. Try to correspond to darling. If your man wears expensive and stylish suits, do not put on thoughtless open jackets. The make-up has to be solid and not too defiant too. Mentally estimate yourself from outside that you did not look together as the father with the daughter.

4. Do not try to change darling. Adults have the settled system of values, views and interests therefore it is very difficult to change them. If you constantly impose on the man the opinion, he can not sustain and leave.

5. Listen to his opinion. Even the insignificant age difference of the man can be turned in own favor – he saw more, knows more wisely more. Show that you trust him, allow to be the senior and to solve your problems. Men need to feel necessary and useful to the girlfriend.

6. Do not behave thoughtlessly, try to read and develop more diversely. Adult men appreciate not only appearance, but also inner world in girls. If your interests and outlooks on life differ too, the relations will not last long.

7. Do not pay attention to gossips at yourself behind the back. Some people can tell out of envy that you meet only because of money. Try to ignore them and do not try to explain anything. If you really love each other, others cock-and-bull stories will not spoil your relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team