How to behave if the man is not married

How to behave if the man is not married

To fascinate the single man, more efforts and time can be necessary for you than to attract married. The single man so values the freedom, and you apply for it.

It is required to you

  • - single man interesting to you;
  • - attractive dresses;
  • - it is a little cosmetics and perfumery.


1. If you can give an easy time to yourself and to look sometimes not really presentable, it is necessary to get it together. Before an exit from the house do hair and a make-up. It is not necessary to go every day with evening laying and to be painted strongly. It is enough to look well-groomed and it is tidy. Never you know where you will meet a subject of the sympathy therefore it is necessary to be always ready.

2. Check the clothes. Whether it is enough in it things in which you are pleasant to yourself? If shopping at you was not inadmissible long, go on shops. Besides new things you will gain also self-confidence, nothing so inspires the woman as a new image. Do not buy a thing of the smaller size. Even if you will lose weight, it is unknown how they on you I will sit.

3. In a conversation do not show the nervousness. Prepare 5-7 questions for maintenance of a conversation in advance in case nevertheless you will get into a fuss and you will not be able easy to tell something. Try not to rush to extremes: you are not silent all the time, but also do not stir without stopping. Let's the man carry on a conversation, listen carefully to it, sometimes you pay compliments.

4. How you liked the man, let it know that you value the freedom and are ready to offer it only for the sake of the worthy applicant. Then the man will try to obtain you, having forgotten about the fears.

5. And the most important remain yourself. The man has to like you, but not created image far from reality. You will not be able to play all life. And if you are able, it will definitely not bring happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team