How to behave in the first marriage night?

How to behave in the first marriage night?

The come true sexual revolution made intimate relations of floors more frank. For a long time surprises nobody and does not shock if couple long time lives together before marriage. But the wedding all the same remains one of significant events in life of the man and woman. However not always in the same way men treat also the first marriage night. And the young spouse waits from her for unforgettable impressions. Therefore the man should show consideration more for a question how to behave in the first marriage night. Possibly, there is a sense not to neglect everything, and in advance to be prepared.

How to spend the first marriage night?

Any woman wants to spend the first marriage night in a romantic, magic situation. And it needs to be created, and flowers, candles, beautiful linen on a bed, etc. will help with it. Ideally it is possible to have the room in hotel or a country house. To spend unforgettable night, it is absolutely necessary to think of all trifles, including existence of means of hygiene in the bathroom and contraceptives or intimate lubricant if spouses have a sex for the first time.

What needs to be done in the first marriage night?

Many men who did not think over in advance what to do in the first marriage night pass directly to business though it in a root is wrong. Rate of succession of events when young people remain alone, has to be slow. If the proximity between them was not yet. But even if everything is on the contrary, the man should not be energetic. Those who does not know how to behave in the first marriage night need to show patience, to be infinitely gentle and attentive. The woman waits that she will be brought in the bedroom on hands, will slowly undress, will cover with kisses each centimeter of a body, will pronounce a set of gentle words, and only then there will already be a sex. Therefore the main thing not to hurry and enjoy every moment of long-awaited proximity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team