How to behave on an office party?

How to behave on an office party?

It is no secret that the administration estimates the employees not only by results of their work, but also how they behave on various festive actions organized by the company. Not to do nonsenses and not "to fall into disgrace", it is necessary to know how to behave on an office party that can be done and from what "feats" it is better to refrain.

How it is correct to behave on an office party?

So, there are several basic rules by which any employee should be guided, and that who is a head, and that who only begins to build the career.

  1. Try to lean on alcoholic beverages not too. In "drunk waste" most often the person violates rules of decency, begins to behave is too noisy or is just inadequate. If after all it was not succeeded to respect the rules, then it is necessary to call the taxi at the first signs of intoxication and to leave an action, here is how it is necessary to behave if drank too much on an office party. If the person is not sure that he will be able to monitor approach of such state, then he can appeal to "reliable friend" to send it home at the first signs of intoxication.
  2. Remember how it is necessary to behave at a table. There is nothing worse, than the adult who does not know how to use a fork and a knife, enough a canape or other snack a table, champs and does other similar things.
  3. Surely participate at least in several competitions or entertainments. It is not necessary to sit with a dissatisfied look, it is necessary to be able to prove to be the person cheerful, able to have a rest.
  4. You do not leave too early, or "in the latest ranks".
  5. Do not try "to have a heart-to-heart talk" with the management if you are an ordinary employee. A holiday not that action where it is worth voicing the ideas, or to discuss the policy of the company.

How to behave on an office party to the beginner?

To the employee who just settled at work, the festive action will help to get acquainted with collective. You do not sit modestly in a corner, surely communicate with colleagues, be only not too persuasive, it is enough to ask several questions or most to tell one-two amusing stories.

Also surely look narrowly as other staff of the company behaves. Be guided by their behavior, so you will be able quickly to understand what can be done in the organization and how to behave on an office party with the new administration whether it is accepted to communicate informally in firm during holidays, or opposite, even during fun it is necessary to observe subordination.

How to behave to the head on an office party?

When the person holds the leading post, the holiday can become for it serious test. Except already listed "standard rules", there are several factors which should be considered to the chief.

First, each head has to watch a condition of the subordinates. If the employee of department began to behave is too noisy, at a table there was a conflict, or someone just did not calculate norm of alcohol, then a task of the chief is permission of this situation.

Secondly, the head should not leave an action before all at all. It should remain during the holiday till the end.

And, at last, it is necessary to communicate with subordinates. It will help to know better character of staff of department, to understand what relations develop between them and also to pass for the friendly person who is able to divide work and rest. Therefore do not neglect this opportunity, as a rule, best of all those collectives which workers trust the chief cope with the solution of working tasks.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team