How to behave on interrogation?

How to behave on interrogation?

Unfortunately, each of us can get into an unpleasant situation, and even those who hold the law sacred, can call for questioning. That will not become puzzled and not to do nonsenses, it is necessary to know how to behave on interrogation and what to do in a similar situation.

How to behave on interrogation at the investigator?

The first that will be made by the police officer, it will carry out an inspection of your personality. For this purpose he will ask to provide you the passport or any other document proving your identity. Having written down data of the document, the investigator will begin to ask you questions, however it is necessary to remember that each person can refuse to give evidences, there is such concept as the witness status granting the right not to tell information which can damage to the witness. However, if you have nothing to hide, then better quietly and truthfully to answer all questions, to sign the protocol and to go home.

Also you remember that each person has the right to invite the lawyer who will protect his interests. Conducting interrogation will be conducted in that case in the presence of your human rights activist.

How to behave on interrogation in tax?

Due to the non-payment of taxes or other problems of this sort, the person can be called for questioning in tax administration. At interrogation in the tax inspection, it is necessary to behave, as well as at a conversation with the investigator, that is it is quiet and sure.

If the person does not wish to answer questions, then he has the right to refuse evidence therefore do not trust threats which can often be heard at such conversations, remember that you are not obliged to answer questions of tax specialists and you can exercise the right for silence. By the way, when the person is subpoenaed on a similar conversation as a witness, it can at all refuse to come, the legality of the similar offer still is disputable, according to regulations, only the investigator can conduct interrogation, and not tax specialists in any way.

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