How to behave to return former

How to behave to return former

People often make rash acts: create novels, then leave, meet again. All this occurs under the influence of feelings, in one stage and impulsively. When you already made something not that, do not hurry to start correcting it at once, stop and think.


1. If you left, quarreled with the beloved, grant a small respite to your relations not to commit still big follies. Before correcting a situation, you need to represent accurately what caused a quarrel. Not an occasion for which both of you were hooked to leave, having slammed the door, namely the cause of conflict.

2. Sometimes sources of misunderstanding lie at the very beginning of your relations, something was wrong already then, but you preferred not to bring up this question. What it led to, you already understand! For example, you could not find mutual understanding in a question of joint carrying out leisure. The man every weekend seeks to leave for fishing with friends, and you with girlfriends like to go to discos.

3. It was necessary to look for compromise solutions at once, but not to wait for aggravation of a situation. Now, when you understand in what the parting reason, think up a graceful way out, it is possible to buy tackles for himself and to ask the man to explain you all charm of stay outdoors. You need to approach and look for the general, but not to stand apart everyone in the world.

4. Now, when you logically built the plan for improvement of the relations and overcoming disagreements, you need to be adjusted on a constructive conversation with the former beloved. It is impossible to give in to emotions and to break on shout. Men do not love hysterics and noisy scandals and try to leave "battlefield" quickly.

5. Often confidence in behavior of the woman is connected with feeling the of beauty and irresistibility therefore immediately run in beauty shop to register in all possible procedures. Refresh a hairstyle or make new, change a shade of hair, put the body and the person in order. Devote to this occupation the whole day, do not feel sorry for downtime and money, you will find much more – appeal in the opinion of men.

6. Get some original bagatelle – an article of clothing, an accessory, sexual underwear. If you have an opportunity to meet being, make a date with it. Otherwise try to find it through mutual friends, friends. Do not give up, look for options if are sure of the love and the decision.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team