How to behave with divorced

How to behave with divorced

Unfortunately, modern realities are that that marriages break up. Unmarried women perceive many divorced men as potential grooms. How to behave to the woman if such man showed to her apparent interest? It seems and all it is good, nevertheless at heart it is restless: one marriage at it already broke up where a guarantee that he will be able to become for it the good husband.


1. Doubts, fluctuations of the woman are quite natural and clear. Therefore learn the cause of a divorce. Certainly, it is not necessary to stick to the man with such inquiries! First, it is simply tactless, secondly, where a guarantee that he will want (or will be able) to answer truthfully and objectively? Try to inquire by means of relatives, girlfriends, mutual friends.

2. If it becomes clear that the previous marriage broke up because of asocial behavior of the husband (alcoholism, drunk scandals, a beating) – think not three, but thirty three times. The man can swear all Saints that it was for him a bitter, heavy lesson that he tied. But, alas, practice shows: such people very often return to the bad habits. And then you will already be the victim of its drunk "arts".

3. If it becomes known that the banal discrepancy of characters or too high requirements, egoism of his ex-wife was the cause of a divorce, you can look narrowly at the potential husband more attentively. Try to show at the same time the greatest possible impartiality and objectivity. Note not only its strengths, advantages, but also shortcomings, draw a conclusion whether you will be able to reconcile to them.

4. "Loves – means, is sorry". Yes, in this old wisdom there is a lot of truth. But, even if you will come to a conclusion that the man was really not lucky with the first wife, do not hurry to console the sufferer, resignedly agreeing that it is a well of all advantages, and his former it was the rare bitch.

5. Behave more cleverly, more reserved. You can sympathize with it, of course, but moderately. At least, because divorced seldom there is guilty only one party. For certain and he sometimes behaved not in the best way.

6. Try to understand logic of behavior of the man. For what reason did he show to you interest, wants to meet you? Do you really attract it, were pleasant to it? Or in it tells the hurt pride – the former silly wife did not estimate, threw, she should be taught a good lesson. Or your man is infantile, helpless at heart and simply is not capable to do without woman. In the second and third case it is better not to deal with it, almost for certain your relations will end with nothing good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team