How to behave with girlfriends

How to behave with girlfriends

With someone from girlfriends trusting relationship develops for the rest of life. With others there is a rapprochement for some time, and then women remain just friends. But often success of relationship between girls depends not only on ability to choose faithful companions and existence of common interests, but also from ability it is correct to behave with them.


1. Be attentive to girlfriends. Communicate more often, attentively listen to them and try to help if it is necessary. But whatever cordial and trusting relationship between you developed, do not impose the opinion and do not give advice if you about it are not asked.

2. Be sensitive in the relations. If at someone from your girlfriends of a problem in the personal relations or hardly with money, try not to stick out the progress and achievements. Listen better and sympathize – it will be appreciated. But if in a similar situation appear you, then you will be able to count on sincere support of the girls.

3. If you felt that someone from your girlfriends is fixated on own person, tries to humiliate you or to ego-trip at your expense, try to minimize the relations with it. It is possible to expect any trouble from such "girlfriend".

4. Any of your girlfriends should not define in what to you to put on with whom and when to meet, than to be engaged, etc. Everyone has to have the personal space.

5. If something was not pleasant to you in behavior of one girlfriend, you should not devote in it other friends. Better frankly talk to her, tactfully and delicately point to mistakes. The clever girl will estimate it and will learn to behave in a different way.

6. When you were mistaken in something, be able to tell a word "excuse". As well as other people, your girlfriends need moral support, compliments, a self-assessment raising. Therefore do not feel sorry for them for pleasant words. It does not mean that you have to fawn upon them, but the kind word is necessary for everyone.

7. All problems in private and family life of the girlfriend have to solve. Even if to will ask to express you the opinion, it is better to make it kind of accidentally or to try to laugh the matter off.

8. Too you should not make the problems of an intimate nature public. What less you will acquaint girlfriends with details of your relations with the guy or the husband, the receive less problems further.

9. The guy of your girlfriend is her guy. No courtesies and the more so courtings from its party should be. If between you there are no ambiguous situations, there will be also no excess reasons for the conflicts.

10. You should not wait that your girlfriends will behave as you wait from them for it. They can elementary not understand that you want from them. Therefore it is better to speak about the desires accurately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team