How to behave with grandfathers

How to behave with grandfathers

The relations with the senior generations are not always ideal, young people often try to shirk the direct duties - care and communication with them. The correct behavior in such situation - pledge of strong and healthy family.


1. Respect old men. This feeling is fundamental in the relations between younger and senior generations. Take for granted that they lived long life, and you can learn much at them. You appreciate the grandfathers and grandmothers and you treat them with due respect.

2. Take care. You can always make something that will please the grandfather or the grandmother and will show as far as you appreciate them. Purchase of the new home phone number, replacement or repair strictly of a chair - all these trifles will develop in a care picture about each other.

3. Visit them more often. No phone calls will replace personal contact therefore try to find a couple of hours in a month on a trip to old men. You will tell about the life, will listen as they live - and all will be satisfied. Refuse five-minute runnings behind grandmother's pancakes, - such approach will only offend it and the grandfather and the relation will become tense.

4. Listen to opinion of old men. Be not categorical in the judgments and try not to sweep aside at once all their councils. Consider that the life experience sometimes has no expiration date, and the person from last generation can share really valuable knowledge.

5. Allow grandfathers to communicate with grandsons. Happens so that young parents so care for children that do not allow anybody to help with their education. Refuse such approach, let grandfathers give manuals to grandsons, play with them and help to learn the world around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team