How to behave with relatives

How to behave with relatives

The relations with relatives have absolutely other character, than with other people. They know you throughout all life, together you passed through a lot of things, and your communication happens at other level.


1. Respect the family, this feeling in the relations between relatives plays a huge role. In any situation do not forget that these people know you all life and together you passed through many difficulties. Despite some moments in views of which you in a root disperse, try to keep respect for others opinion.

2. Be tolerant. Patience - one more important moment in communication of family. The conflicts can daily happen until someone, at last, becomes a little more tolerant in relation to other relatives. Try to consider problems at work, the personal troubles and other factors influencing mood of members of your family. Understand them, put yourself on others place, and communication will become much more pleasant.

3. Be able to forgive. What cannot only be heard from lips of relatives at the rare moments of anger. To you to choose - to take offense all life and to stop communication, or to forgive and continue to live further.

4. You speak openly. Safely state the claims in a face to members of the family. Naturally, at your words there should not be an aggression. But always carefully consider whether it is worth starting scandal - perhaps, your small claim can be held till the best times, it can be apprehended more seriously, than you expect.

5. Meet more often. Happens so that work, friends and other circumstances alienate members of one family from each other. Break off a vicious circle, suggest to gather for a holiday or on the usual day off. You enter new traditions (for example, to celebrate every birthday among the relatives).

6. Do not forget the senior generations. There is nothing worse, than the lonely old men thrown by the relatives. Visit grandmothers and grandfathers, look on mothers on tea more often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team