How to behave with the adopted child

How to behave with the adopted child

Accepting to itself the adopted child, the family can face various difficulties in education. How to behave with the adopted child?


1. You should not demand from the child of gratitude. Often parents of adopted children wait that the child will express in every possible way to them this feeling, for the fact that new parents warmed it and gave a chance of the better future. Children always feel gratitude to people who admitted them to new family, but it is possible, them just nobody taught to show correctly it, or in general, to express feelings. Therefore surely everything will change time, education, the correct approach.

2. Happens that the adopted child in new family feels lost, especially if in family there are still children. He cannot understand what its place in family and what will happen to it further. Such children behave often badly. Parents should pay attention to it at once and to take measures. Education has to take place so that the child had no similar feelings. Make so that he felt the full member of family, the favourite and necessary person at once. If it is heavy to child to adapt, it is possible to address social workers and psychologists.

3. After the child moved from orphanage, you should not give it a lot of freedom. It was brought up in quite strict conditions therefore it is norm for it. Of course, at once there is a wish to show to the child other life, to surround him with care and love, to indulge slightly, but be careful, such behavior of parents can result in permissiveness, the child will become heavier to be controlled. Therefore be not afraid to be more strict with it. Only over time, gradually show more and more softness to the child.

4. Children from orphanage can bring with themselves in new family bad habits. For example, ability to use foul language. You should not shout, punish at once, or to beat out bad manners. Gradually, quietly explain and disaccustom the child to the use of roughnesses, on the example show as it is correct to behave. Having got to other environment, children are capable to be re-educated quickly.

5. You should not wait that the child will quickly become attached to you emotionally. Have patience, perhaps there will pass a lot of time until this communication arises. At good proper handling, the child will fall in love with you as native parents and all work, the spent time, all experiences, will be completely rewarded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team