How to behave with the ex-girlfriend of the guy

How to behave with the ex-girlfriend of the guy

Rare lucky persons fall in love at school and carry by these relations through all life. Most of young people find the halves a trial and error method. If the guy all life lived in one city, naturally, that its present passion should meet his ex-girlfriends periodically.


1. For a start quietly talk to the person about his former. Ask how he treats it. Tell what concerns you. Together with the young man solve whether it is worth communicating with it and if is not present as it is tactful to girl to tell about it. Perhaps, the young man himself also would be glad not to see the former passion or, on the contrary, will calm you, having told that all feelings left, and they remained just friends.

2. Strategy development of behavior with the ex-girlfriend of your guy depends on the fact that this girl is and what her intentions in relation to your young man. Perhaps, at the former beloved the friendly relations remained. Adequate ex-which values friendship will not begin to provoke you to the conflict or to do hints on the last relations. She also will try to create with you the friendly relations, and you can support her in it.

3. Do not compare yourself to the ex-girlfriend, do not think that she is better than you. Now the young man meets you, so, you in an advantageous position. Repeat more often to yourself what you beautiful, clever and remarkable. In the presence of the former passion of your gentleman behave quietly and with advantage.

4. If you just study or work in one establishment with the former friend of your young man, polite ignoring will be the best behavior. Also it makes sense to pay special attention to the appearance. If the former girlfriend differs in troublemaking character, she by all means will notice dirty hair and inaccurate manicure and with pleasure will discuss it with people around.

5. Quite another matter, if the ex-girlfriend of your guy in every way tries to return the young man. Full ignoring, and not only of you, but also from your beloved will be one of options. When ex-notices that all its tricks do not cause any reaction, most likely, it will be bothered by this game.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team