How to behave with the guy's friends

How to behave with the guy's friends

Your guy – gentle and careful, but when he gets to the company of the friends, at all forgets about your existence? Do not expose regular charges, and begin to act more accurately and wisely better.


1. If after couple of joint meetings after acquaintance you understood that to you it is uncomfortable or uninteresting with these people, you should not pretend persistently what is pleasant to you. First, your efforts will be all the same noticeable, secondly, why to you to adapt to others when it is possible to spend this time with pleasure for himself? Do not try to become "", better just release it for the evening. The main thing, let know to the guy that you trust it, and with friends you behave politely and adequately. And then they will hardly begin to treat you with neglect.

2. Do not require special attention to your person. Especially, if friends of your beloved did not meet everyone the half yet. Someone will look at you with envy, someone will sincerely be glad, and others, perhaps, will ask "to stop sloppy sentimentality". In something they will be right, it is a meeting of old friends, but not your intimate appointment at all is in the public eye. Of course, still nobody cancelled the warming embraces, but let they will be unostentatious for the others.

3. If meetings with friends began to take away from you two almost all the time which you spent at each other earlier, revise the behavior. Perhaps, the guy for some reason does not want to go home. Perhaps you became too captious or ceased to listen to each other. Try to invite him the company home, to make for them pizza or sandwiches and to spend time together. Try to relax and at least one evening not to order the guy and not to grumble concerning the friends of crumbs who remained after the visit on a floor.

4. Do not try to incite the guy against the friend and vice versa. Instead of taking offense at each other and to disperse forever, both of them will think of why you so diligently wish to quarrel them. Most likely, a result it will be obvious not in your advantage. Your guy and his friend for certain are very long time ago familiar, and here you appeared in his life considerably later. Therefore it is logical to assume that the guy will leave you quicker, than will cease to communicate with the friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team