How to behave with the lover's wife

How to behave with the lover's wife

Suddenly flashed passion will not be resisted by almost one person, regardless of age and a social status. As they say, all age are obedient to love … But if your lover – the married person, it is necessary to play by special rules.

1. If you managed to start intimate relations with "married man", moderate the female curiosity – do not try to see it to learn whether it is more beautiful than you, more cleverly or more harmoniously. Of course, presence of the competitor is very powerful incentive for strengthening of a self-assessment, but nevertheless … That you will see it and with satisfaction you will notice that she is less attractive, nothing will change. You know that, despite your superiority, he daily comes back to it, shares with it one bed and the general bread. Means, something holds it near it. This feeling will develop at you an inferiority complex sooner or later, all of you time will be engaged in heart-searching on "And yet — What in It It, than It Is Better than Me?".

2. Especially, do not look for meetings with the spouse of your beloved. Why it to you? To have a talk to open for her eyes on the husband with hope that he marries you when she files for a divorce? Look at things really – if he did not leave the wife in the first several months of your relations, will hardly venture it in general. Undoubtedly, he can think out the mass of the reasons: small children, general business, sudden disease of the wife … Who wants - looks for opportunities, who does not want – looks for the reasons. Think of it. If he wanted to leave it, it would find a way to divide business and to have a talk with children. He just loves it much more you, and you should reconcile to it.

3. If you are well familiar with the partner's wife, do not try to jam to her in the best friends that "to have the finger on the pulse" and to know everything about own lover. Only very mean person whom questions of morals and moral principles do not worry can decide on such act. Present what its state will be if she unintentionally learns about your intimate relationship? The mistress of her husband pretended every day that she is her best friend, found forces to look in the face of that with which husband she sleeps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team