How to behave with the man who was married

How to behave with the man who was married

At last you met that darling and only. You are happy also to you well together. Only one circumstance guards a little that your "prince" was already married. As it is correct to construct the relations with the man having "the family past".


1. You do not press on the partner and do not make grandiose plans of the joint future at once. Be patient if your darling divorced not really long ago, hardly he is ready to enter new marriage at once. Do not limit freedom of the man, let your relations will be easy, but strong.

2. After a while accurately inquire about the past of the darling and about the causes of his divorce. Do not ask him with addiction, let he will tell. Try not to discuss his ex-wife, just listen and take the obtained information into consideration. If alcohol, unfaithfulness or unwillingness to provide and find time for family were the cause of a gap, think well, such "happiness" can expect in the future and you.

3. Presence of children who the man has from last marriage it is one of the most important and difficult points. It is possible to get divorced from wife, but not from the child. Be not jealous and do not demand to find less time for children, it can become a big mistake of you. Other extreme – by all means to make friends and become "the second mother". Choose "golden mean", be benevolent, but are not persuasive. Do not insist on joint walks if you see that it is heavy or unpleasant to child to be in your society. Children take parting of parents hard and often see the enemy in the new woman of the father. Let your beloved quietly communicate with children, over time they will get used to you and the relations will be improved.

4. If you love the man and want to connect with him the life, do not repeat mistakes of his former spouse. Ask what he would like to see the beloved. Negative experience of family life is experience too. It is quite possible that your partner analyzed all misses of last family life and drew for himself conclusions. Not a rarity that treat second marriage of the man much more responsibly and more seriously. You do not force an event, let the relations develop smoothly. The main thing that the man realized that with you it is much better for it, than without you. And it is quite possible that you receive proposal even earlier, than expected.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team