How to behave with the pregnant wife?

How to behave with the pregnant wife?

Pregnancy is an important step to lives of couple, but if future father lives expectation so far, badly representing as his life with the advent of the child will change, then the woman already suffers sharp jump of a hormonal background, toxicosis, change of a figure and gait. Frequent changes of mood: the tearfulness, irritability, apathy throw blessed into confusion, and he does not know how to behave with the pregnant wife in this case.

How to behave with the pregnant woman in terms of psychology

Of course, to enter in position of the spouse it will not turn out, but it is possible to try. First, it is necessary to understand that everything that now happens to her, is result of the changing hormonal background and as soon as the wife becomes a mother, she from the whining inadequate Fury will become again the loving wife what was earlier. Secondly, she constantly worries about future childbirth and health of the child, it now for her is main. So the paramount task of the spouse is to support her, to calm and convince that everything will be good.

It is necessary to behave to the husband with the pregnant wife as if she a vessel with very valuable contents. That is to care, cherish, in process of opportunities and forces to carry out its whims as that is to get fresh crayfish in the winter and to cook herring under a fur coat from jam. The patience is with what it is necessary to secure for all 9 months of expectation and not to dare to break on the wife and to abuse her for offenses of which she is not guilty. The man with the pregnant wife needs to behave as and it is necessary to future father: in every possible way to let it know that in any situation he up to the end will be with it because is more more beautiful and it is better than it on light is not present more. To pay compliments, to give flowers and together with it to collect a dowry for the kid, letting know that you wait for it as well as it. It is necessary to be indulgent to its whims.

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