How to behave with the son

How to behave with the son

When the child from the quiet kid turns into the unruly mischievous person who constantly runs away and does not obey, at first mother does not know how to cope with him. But if the woman manages to find out that she makes her son such, it will be easier for it to understand that it is necessary for the child and to behave properly to parents.


1. Quite often consider that house and at school with girls there are more efforts, than with boys. But it becomes clear more and more that most often boys lack confidence therefore they study and behave worse, than their more self-assured contemporaries. Psychologists claim that boys need the correct education not less since the childhood which will become guarantee of their success and happiness in the future.

2. Keep in mind that at preschool age at boys men's hormone testosterone is to a large extent produced. It makes them uncontrollable, sometimes aggressive and increases the probability that at school they will have certain problems. Therefore you remember that because of testosterone influence your son can: to represent from itself Batman, Schwarzenegger, just cool guy from the fighter; to think out the drama crashes of planes, trains, cars; to give vent to the collected energy, playing soccer, running races or during the game to create intolerable noise and a roar; to become irritable, aggressive, imperious. Perceive influence of hormones on behavior of the son as something this since during awkward age testosterone level in its blood will reach quite considerable concentration.

3. Remember that emotional requirements at boys are much higher, than at girls. They feel fear of separation from parents more sharply, they are influenced stronger by a house situation. It is more difficult for them, than to girls to express the feelings. Most often boys need the help in development of such skills of communication as communication, ability to share, ability to conduct disputes without fights. Unfortunately, instead of filling need of the son for expression of feelings, parents, on the contrary, try that in its nature of this quality there was as little as possible. He is future man. Never do it. Also do not focus attention of the child on active games at all, let your son be engaged not in in what, in your opinion, boys have to be engaged, and what to be pleasant to it. It is not necessary to tease the son with "weakling" or "little girl" when he cries, expressing thereby the feelings.

4. Pay attention that for the boy it is very important to spend enough time with the father who since the birth has to take active part in education of the son. The child will repeat all his actions after the father, to adopt male behavior, and everything that the father will tell, will affect his views and further development. Therefore joint carrying out free evenings and days off has to become a common practice.

5. You remember, in childhood at boys work of the right hemisphere of a brain is strengthened to a large extent. Therefore your son will give preference to a physical and practical training. Perhaps, you will not be enraptured with catching of bugs, the partition of slippery hearts or a lasagna on trees. But in spite of the fact that you can be in constant expectation of accidents during the game, try to provide the child to yourself. You will allow it to expand with it the field of activity and an outlook.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team