How to believe in love

How to believe in love

Usually people or once suffering from one-way love or who were cruelly deceived by their beloved cease to trust in love. And now again not to get into a situation in which they felt small also helpless these unfortunate deny the fact of existence of love. However at heart they also feel that it not so.

It is required to you

  • - books on psychology.


1. If you got into a similar situation and, on the one hand, you want new, trusting relationship, and with another you forgot to trust an opposite sex, you need to overcome yourself. For a start from the moment of a gap there has to pass enough time (not less than half a year is desirable) that pain, offense and desire to return the previous relations passed.

2. After emergence of new mutual sympathy do not force an event. You spend much time together, walk, you watch favourite movies, talk about things, important for you. When your new beloved learns about spiritual wounds which were caused to you by the previous relations, he will begin to treat you more carefully and more attentively. Thus, you will become not only loved, but also close friends, and it is a basis of trusting relationship in which you will be able to open soul and to fall in love at full capacity.

3. If you fell in love with the person who assures all that does not trust in love, and releases cynical comments on the gentle relations, do not hurry to be upset. You should stock up with understanding and patience and to learn to notice independently those moments when between you the feeling as your half will deny everything flashes. Reading books on psychology will help, so you will be able to understand better that your passion feels.

4. It is quite possible that the person who was pleasant to you will try to splash out on you all offense and aggression which collected at him during the previous relations. With such situation you will be helped only by patience, softness and wisdom. Know that the aggression flash will end soon, and the person will be grateful to you for the fact that you listened to him and did not reject.

5. It is not important whether you wish to believe in love again, or you want your beloved to believe in love, the main thing is not to hope for fast result, to stock up with time, patience and desire to receive result.

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