How to believe the man

How to believe the man

To learn to trust anew hard. And it is not necessary to trust all — men, as well as women, everyones including liars come across. But the mistrust became in principle an obstacle for communication with men, with it it is necessary to fight because without trust the safe, harmonious relations are impossible.


1. To trust, the fear prevents to open always. Some painful episode which you could not endure and release usually is behind fear. Try to remember it — for this purpose sit down, prepare the handle and the sheet of paper, relax and imagine that now you will watch the movie. In a few minutes in your consciousness the necessary images will appear — in them and the answer is concluded. It was necessary to decipher them. Write down images most in detail, correlating each word and a phrase to some event from the past. There is nothing terrible if it does not turn out from the first or it will not turn out at all. This exercise has character of a self-research rather. In case of its successful performance it will be easier for you to trust in the man not because you learned the reason but because now you understand yourself a little better.

2. Remember that the fear is that wedge that to them and is knocked out. In other words, to learn to trust the man, it is worth getting acquainted with him for a start. At the same time constantly remind yourself - all people different. Men are people too. And they are different. Having heaped "everything", you can "miss" reliable and true, careful and gentle only because it resembled to you the former liar superficially.

3. Get rid of a habit to think of generalizations. Do not think of the purpose - "to learn to trust the man". Abstract men are not, and real at once you should not be trusted. At least right after acquaintance — do not confuse trustfulness with trust.

4. Remember that to force itself it is impossible to trust. Therefore at the beginning acquaintance to the man just avoid situations in which you should rely on it — you do not ask to help with the computer, to bring you to work or to repair the current crane. Meet, recognize each other — and the feeling of trust, a strong male shoulder itself will come to you at the right time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team