How to bless the son on marriage

How to bless the son on marriage

In old times was considered that without parental blessing there will be no happiness young. In modern life when many couples live a long time together, and then decide to undersign, not always even inform parents. And yet, with return to our life of a ceremony of a wedding, many want to learn how it is correct to make parental blessing.


1. First, it is possible to bless the family every day, and if necessary even several times per day. Bless on any undertaking, new business. And here parental blessing on marriage – special.

2. Usually parents bless children on marriage when those announce desire to get married. Such announcement is called an engagement. Parents take an icon and cross children three times, wishing at the same time to them happy marriage. In it there is some sacred secret. Even if children not believers, all the same bless them. When blessing the parents kind of involve love, God's mercy and God's protection in God's action. Even if you do not know the words of a prayer, then state by the own words. God hears us, even when we also do not pronounce a word aloud.

3. Tell the kind and wise words of a parting word. Your life experience is huge, share it with young people. The believing people know that the God's blessing proceeding from the person is an expression of love and devotion by the neighbor. It gives the world and protection, does not bring grief and enriches the person. In the Bible it is said that God blessed Adam and Eve. And present what would be with our world if God's blessing did not work if there was no love for everything, kind and angry.

4. Sometimes children go counter to parents. Not always the senior generation wants to see any given elect near the child. And then parents do not want to bless on marriage.

5. But parents who refuse blessing to the children – unfortunate people. They drive themselves into the deadlock. The relations are broken off, offenses collect. They can only be regretted. The further all this drags on, the reconciliation is more difficult.

6. Well, and children sometimes should wait a little to arrange heart of parents, and also to check the feelings. Over time, when parents learn your half, they will see in it those good lines which you made out long ago. Also will accept your choice. Also will bless on marriage.

7. Bless also the son the bride her mother blesses usually after repayment by the groom. Because by tradition the daughter leaves a home and goes to family of the husband.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team