How to break off the relations with the guy

How to break off the relations with the guy

What to do if feelings ended? If you do not want to meet this person more? If you fell in love with another, and it is necessary to break off the former relations? In permission of these questions simple everyday advice with the psychological background can help.


1. It is necessary to speak at once as soon as it becomes clear that your attitude towards the guy was changed, and you do not wish to continue to meet it and furthermore to live. You were great lucky if the fellow is quick-witted and will take all event for granted. But it happens seldom therefore be ready to quite long dismantling.

2. It is not necessary to muddle, it is necessary to explain everything as is. Deception brought nobody to good yet. To play for time out of false pity to the guy who loves you, is not necessary. But also it is impossible to offend the person in the best feelings. Try to do without scandal. Not so long ago you too loved (or it seemed to you that loved) this guy.

3. Arguments have to be "iron". Your simple "I do not want" it can be regarded as a female whim, and the muffled behavior you will provoke absolutely unreasonable hope of the former beloved that it is still possible to correct, and the relations - to renew. Therefore accurately explain on points: "We cannot meet more you because (further – according to the list)".

4. Do not discuss the former relations with the new friend. Do not implicate the new passion in your old dismantling at all. Of course, the new friend will be on your party, but why to him to know about what was to it? The lover to the woman, but why to give to him for this purpose a reason? To forgive he will forgive and whether here will forget? And whether your rough words and incorrect behavior concerning the ex-boyfriend against you will turn back further? It is necessary to you?

5. It is not necessary to try to remain friends. After break in relations, in any case, at first, it is better not to meet the ex-boyfriend in order to avoid any misunderstanding at all. It and for business is useful, all know: "Out of sight, out of mind".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team