How to bring in the life it is more than novelty?

How to bring in the life it is more than novelty?

are contradictory beings. On the one hand, we love stability and predictability when our life goes on in advance made plan. But on the other hand, when we try to obtain such constancy, it becomes boring for us.

The daily schedule, predictable events and surprises become boring sooner or later, and you begin to feel as a laboratory rat in the warm, cozy, but extremely bored cage. Usually in such situation of people looks for ways to change scenery: moving to other country, job change, new hobby or relations. It leads to global changes and revision of vital values. Not to pass from one extreme to the other, begin to live interestingly right now!

  1. We break the bans. For all the life of people accumulates the whole taboo list - forbidden things which it considers bad behavior: Socks with sandals cannot be worn, I am too old for dances, I cannot take and approach that beauty, I cannot call it the first, For me already late to get an education. What the hell? Why do you drive yourself into a corner? Not only that we are looked after by the state, militia, the administration, you also limit yourself. Disconnect the critic and cross through restrictions which live at you in the head – your life will forever change!
  2. We struggle with devourers of time.

Usually we want changes, but we speak to ourselves I have no time for it: I would like to learn French, to go to the gym, to begin to eat, run properly in the mornings, but, unfortunately, I have on it no time. Stop! If to exclude from life of all devourers of time (Internet, contact, movies, games), then you will have time and not only on it. Yes, perhaps you do not learn from news that occurs in the world, but your life will be overflowed with interesting events. And it is worth it!

  1. Do not put off.

You, it seems, want to be engaged in something, but decide that the moment for this purpose not suitable. The conscience does not torment you any more as you are sincerely ready, just external circumstances to you prevent to begin, it is necessary to wait only: I will begin to run, but now winter – is too cold, I will begin to run, but now summer – too hot and stuffy, I will go to a travel later when children grow up, Here I will raise a little money and I will begin the business. It is possible to wait for the best time eternally! Most of people only are also engaged in it: wait for all life. instead of beginning to work. To begin the best time is TODAY! There is no other time to begin to live interestingly, except today!

  1. Begin now!

Begin with small, with the smallest. It will help you to begin, and you will see that there are no justifications for laziness. Do everything in a different way: if you the ardent meat eater, try to become for a week the vegetarian; if you run in the mornings, choose to yourself other unfamiliar route; if you work at a table, try to work standing (it is very useful) or in other place (for example, in cafe). Explore the area: find other place for a lunch, go to an excursion, visit the neighboring yard. Rely on destiny: if you cannot solve to what movie to go what dish to choose or what book to read, throw a coin. This you will get rid of weight of the choice and will bring a surprise element in the life.

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Try new: register in dances, yoga, an embroidery circle, courses of foreign languages. You gain both new knowledge, and new skills, and new friends. 100% will not be boring!

It is more Yes: usually we speak No to all new and unfamiliar, remaining in a zone of comfort and habits. Thus, life passes by. From this day begin to speak Yes to all new and unusual. Give the chance to new events, things and people to enter your life!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team