How to bring the guy to straight talk

How to bring the guy to straight talk

There are guys who very much do not love informal conversations with the halves. They will find a set of ways to evade from a conversation as consider similar conversations dangerous and unnecessary occupation. If you want to talk frankly to the partner, it is necessary to try.


1. First of all, it is necessary to worry creating the corresponding atmosphere for the forthcoming conversation in advance. If the man is hungry or did not recover after work yet, you should not take offense at terse answers. Give him time that he could dismiss the working moments. Then he will be ready to listen to you attentively.

2. Most often the girls wishing to communicate frankly to the guys make the same widespread mistake. They begin a conversation with a terrible phrase: "We need to talk". In such situation of the man are inclined to panic, in their head possible options of succession of events are scrolled at once: you want to throw it, you are pregnant, or something else more frightening. If in your relations any problems ripened, and you want to discuss ways of their decision with the young man, look for roundabout maneuvers. For example, he behaved in relation to you not in the best way, and you want to get to the bottom of the reason of such behavior. Begin to remember that time when you were really happy, and then easy ask a philosophical question: "Interestingly, why so recently everything exchanged …". Such approach will be able to bring the guy to more constructive conversation.

3. During the conversation carefully choose words. Remember that excessive emotional coloring of a conversation can force the guy to panic. Try to avoid the following words: "future", "last", "is a pity", "good-bye", "late", "requirements", "still", "someone" …

4. Talking to the partner, it is necessary to consider men's psychology and analytical mentality. For example, you should not ask an extensive question: "What do you you you feel now?", ask better: "Of what you think now?". Such simple way really works.

5. One more widespread female mistake is to look fixedly to the elect during the conversation fool in the face. Believe, men will feel ill at ease from such look. Too it is important to guys to feel protected, and in such situation you do not give it on it any chance. It is the best of all to start an informal conversation in a bed, it is desirable, after intim: the proximity of bodies, any importunate views – in such situation can and be pootkrovennichat. Besides, when the man embraces you, he feels protected, understanding that the situation is at it under control.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team