How to bring the man to white heat

How to bring the man to white heat

It seems to you that life with the man became too quiet and predictable? In the house the ring of the plates breaking against a wall is not heard long ago, and neighbors ask why at you it is so silent? Several ways will help you to relieve the tension, having brought the man to silent (or not really silent, everything depends on his temperament) hysterics!


All methods described below belong to "bad advice". Surely get acquainted with them never so to do! Remember that quarrels, the conflicts and manipulation are not admissible ways to try to obtain the in the full-fledged union.

The most effective methods

For a start, if you did not quarrel long ago, just it is useful to make it scandal. The special reason is not required, to carp always is to what. Something darling is late at work? Well and that that to him a distance award for diligent work, for certain it has a nice secretary there? Helped about the house? Yes who so helps! Or perhaps on the contrary, on a sofa after the working day, the sluggard lies too much? Show it where crayfish winter!

The best time for the statement of claims – when the man only came home from work, tired and hungry. Do not allow it to sit down and have a bite at least at all, you pass to business immediately. At first claims, then lunch! And about what lunch in general can there be a speech in such situation. After the quarrel ceased a little, do not hurry to relax. Look at the man crucially. He badly puts on? Do not you like its style of driving? For certain it has also other shortcomings on which it is necessary to work. It is better if you criticize it at other people, for example, if his friends on a visit came. Let all know how you care for it. By the way, about care. You did not forget who in family main? Let and him do not forget. Carefully specify to him what to do, constantly. Without it he will hardly cope. You perfectly know as far as he is worthless. Someone has to help it with life. Even the tie to a shirt cannot pick up! It is your cross, you treat it responsibly. If you want your man only to become better, then will not prevent to show him someone that before eyes there was an example. It is the best of all that it was the one whom you well know, for example, your former. Compare them in everything, without forgetting to tell the man what it loses in. Such people as his friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbors, can serve as an excellent example too. At the worst even television heroes or celebrities will fit. You know that it lacks sincere communication. Every evening talk to him, ask whether he loves you? Specify whether it is strong. If he answers uncertainly, ask ten more times. Also surely take an interest in what he thinks of. Do it as often as possible, let knows how to you he is not indifferent. Tide up on its table. It is also possible to clean all its pockets and to put everything that you found there in a small group. To bring order to its papers and books too will be useful. It is the best of all to place books on color or the size, it is so important that it was beautiful! Put all papers in an equal pile. The shabby leaves scrawled by notes can be thrown out at all: all the same nobody will be able to read what there is written. Applying the described methods regularly, you will quickly notice, it is how more interesting and your family life became nasyshchenny.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team